Difference Between Herpes Simplex & Impetigo How Can You Tell The Difference Between Anal Herpes And Hemorrhoids?

How can you tell the difference between anal herpes and hemorrhoids? - difference between herpes simplex & impetigo

I am a woman of 28 years and has only been tested positive for herpes simplex type 2 by a blood test. I've never had an outbreak, I know. But sometimes I have hemorrhoids to some powerful vaginal intercourse. I began to learn more about herpes, and I wonder whether I really have an epidemic, and that to do anal hemorrhoids?
It's so embarrassing to ask, and do not "look" like herpes or symptoms. I wonder if I'll have a house and have no idea how long it lasted. My friend just had a primary outbreak a month ago, which caused concern to us. Please be happy!


Rivergir... said...

You may never epidemic. Many people with herpes never symptoms of herpes. You can still transmit the virus because there are fewer cases in which symptoms can be released, but it has never been a home accommpanying with symptoms.

If you are concerned about the spread, then I would do an oral medication, the virus. And whoever "they" is that until you give a fireplace - I want to go into another "them".

For the large amount of detailed information about herpes symptoms, transmission and processing, then I go to the website of the American Association of Social Health (Asha). They also have toll-free (USA) allows you to talk to a real person. It is very important to know about your disease so you can transfer to prevent their lover.

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Good luck.

Rocky627 said...

I've never had anal herpes before, but now I try and hemorrhoids are external, meaning that it go to the toilet, hurts, and sit for me. I would like to see a doctor to be sure.

freddy said...

There are signs, so you know, if you hemorrohoids.
1. Bleeding during the bath through the anus.
2. Bright red blood in stool or tissue.
3. Pruritus ani
4.Pain in the anus.

These are the symptoms of hemorrhoids. If not available, chances are likely that you have herpes.

Herpes simplex 2
1. Discomfort in the affected area.
2. Pain when urinating.
3.A white vaginal discharge.

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